Top 5 Best Tools to Check Organic Keywords of a Website

Top best online web tools to find the organic keywords of your competitor's website or blog. Check what keyword phrases others use for success

Every blogger knows his web sites power keywords which drive traffic to his blog. And he wishes to know all the secret keywords of his competitor’s website or web blog. Keywords are key to the success of any web blog as they decide the page rank of a website. Google search has its own algorithm to give page rank for a particular post or blog. Google search considers the amount of content, content quality and links to a website for giving page rank. The organic keywords are one which are typed in the search bar for a query or information.

Here I have come up with top 5 best online web tools to find the keywords of competitors web blog.

#1. Use SEMRush to analyse keywords of competitor

SEMRush Logo

SEMRush Logo is a valuable tool and allows you to view top 10 organic keywords. It provides in-depth data of a specific keyword. Just enter your in space provided and wait for results, you will be provided with keywords. On clicking on a keyword you will be shown more detailed information like search result, raking, other web pages for that keyword and other keywords for that particular post. SEMRush is very handy and useful tool for complete keyword analysis.

There is a limit of attempts for using SEMRush and you need to register on SEMRush for further usage. You will be provided with the limited number of results but you can try a premium version by paying.

#2. Use 99WebTools to check competitors keywords is the best tool for checking competitors organic keywords. It provides a large number of keywords along with page rank in search results and the amount of traffic coming to the website from that particular keyword. Just visit the site and look for the option called Organic keywords report under SEO Tools, enter the domain name to get your results.

#3. Google Keyword Planner (GKP)

Google Keywords Planner

Google Keywords Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a good tool for checking keywords of your competitor. Just enter the landing page URL of the website and wait for observation. This is a great tool if you are keen on knowing the organic keywords as they are more specific, relevant and trusted.

#4. Alexa

Alexa is popular with all the web analysts, it provides basic web analytics information. Alexa helps to find the keyword phrases that are ranking on top bringing large number of traffic to the web blog. Just enter the domain name in site info tab to get the keywords of high impact, paid keywords, SEM ad keywords etc. The info is limited and you need to have a pro registration for more data.

#5. Open Site Explorer or SEOMoz

Open site explorer under the hood of SEOMoz works under same as that of SEMRush. Just enter the URL or domain name and click on anchor text option o get your results. You will be provided with 20 top keywords of the websites. You have very few report limits for a day but you can try 30-day free trial.

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