[Solution]-“This URL is not Available for Signing Up for Adsense”

Few solutions to fix the problem of 'This url is not available for signing up for adsense". Follow the tips, increase your chances Adsense.

‘This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense’, these are some of the most annoying messages for any blogger or business personnel who are willing to advertise on their content using Google Ads program. Google AdSense policies are very strict and to get your account approved for AdSense you need to comply with their rules.

If you are facing problems with your account approval because your website is not accepted by Google then today I have come up with few tips to get your URL ready for signing up for Adsense program.

1. Disable Unnecessary Plugins

First, you need to uninstall all the unnecessary plugins in your WordPress CMS. A large amount of plugins may not be good because it makes your web page heavy. The website should be simple with few and only useful plugins

2. Have a Contact US, Privacy Policy, About Us Page

You need to have necessary pages like contact us, privacy policy, about us, sitemap, a disclaimer. These are all important and must have pages which must be visible on each page of your web blog.

3. Disable any Sort of Ads on your Web

Before applying of AdSense make sure you have removed all ads or affiliate marketing related content from your website. Using any other ad services is the main cause for the unavailability of URL for AdSense program. Also, you need to wait for at least 4-5 days before you again applying for AdSense.

4. Use Google Analytics

Have Google Analytics as your universal web tracking system. Having Google Analytics as your web data analysis software increases your chances for approval and acceptance.

5. Wait for few months

After starting your blog you need to have a good amount of content and posts for Google to take you as a partner. If you have published only a few posts and looking for approval, then it is very difficult. For many countries, it is mandatory for a blog to be 6 months old for Adsense Approval.

6. Avoid Content which does not Comply with Policies

The biggest cause for unavailability of URL is content. Your content on the website should not contain any hateful, spam, hacking, violence or explicit writing. If Google bots find such content on your web then it is very difficult for your URL to get initial approval from AdSense. You need to wait at least for another 6 months before your blog gets URL availability.

Note & Conclusion: Important point to remember is your AdSense account is approved by people sitting on other side and not by any system. So you cannot use any manipulative method get your approval. Have patience and surely success will be yours. I hope the post was helpful do comment below for any assistance.

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14 Responses

  1. Fahad kHAN says:

    Hey! Can you tell me why am i getting this error on my web ? can you double check it ?

  2. sk says:

    I am having this error too. http//:www.yoyoanime.com is a 3 months old website and our website is about animated cartoons. but adsense says url is not available. sir can you check and tell us the issue with the website?

  3. James Novac says:

    Thanks for the info as I was wondering if wouldn’t be able to make it. I do have some issues with my content which I will fix and make the things done.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for the post. I’m in the same boat (do not wish to post my site name here but you can see from my email). I’m no techie and I’m flummoxed at why my site cannot get accepted. Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.


  5. Carolyn says:

    Hi Nikhil, we have just recently purchased an online Fashion magazine which had adsense enabled before we purchased it. We have been told by the previous owners that they have removed all mention of the URL from their adsense account, but when we try to add the URL to our new adsense account we get this error. Is there a way to enable this that you know of?

  6. kaka says:

    Hi Nikhil , I got “This URL is not Available for Signing Up for Adsense” when I signed up too…
    I was so confused about it…can you try to help it out?

  7. bima says:

    hi Nikhil, i got same problem “This URL is not Available for Signing Up for Adsense”whe I sign up.
    i’m very confused, can you try to help it ? my web. http://bimandroid.net

    • Nikhil says:

      According to Google Adsense policy, it is difficult to get approval for any content on hacking &/or device software modification. As I can see that your blog has a lot of content on Android ROM which doesn’t comply with Google’s strict policies.
      You can better start a new blog, write few posts and then again apply for Adsense (Read their policies). Once approved you can use that account to monetize any of your blogs.

  8. Asad says:

    I have created a site and 1 month ago and I linked my site with adsesne i have pasted the google adsense code to my site for reviwing and after 2 week i have not recived any kind of response from google

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